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Techniques Magazine and VISION 2019 Advertising

ACTE’s 25,000 members—teachers, guidance counselors, middle school and high school administrators, postsecondary and technical educators—are involved in planning and conducting career and technical education programs that prepare millions of students entering or re-entering the job market.

Eight times a year, they all receive  Techniques Magazine, the most widely read, most trusted and most informative publication serving the career and technical education market. Take advantage of ACTE advertising opportunities and reach our members and VISION 2019 attendees before, during and after the event!

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Techniques 2019-2020 Media Kit for advertising rates and issue dates. If you're interested in writing for Techniques or the 2019-2020 editorial calendar

Techniques Advertising Specs


Techniques September 2019

Space Reservations: June 28, 2019

Techniques October 2018

Space Reservations: July 26, 2019

Techniques November 2019

Space Reservations: August 30, 2019

Techniques January 2020

Space Reservations: October 18, 2019

Techniques February 2020

Space Reservations: November 15, 2019

Techniques March 2020

Space Reservations: December 20, 2019

Techniques April 2020

Space Reservations: January 31, 2020

Techniques May 2020

Space Reservations: February 28, 2020


Reserve Techniques and VISION 2019 Advertising Today!

For more Techniques advertising information contact Tom Minich (607-264-9069 or


Write for Techniques

Industry Connect
Have something to say about your industry, products and services? Writing an article for the "Industry Connect" section of Techniques is the way to get your message out. Only eight companies yearly are given this opportunity. For more information on writing an "Industry Connect" article contact Tom Minich (607-264-9069 or

Mailing Lists and VISION 2019 Banners

Techniques advertisers, CareerTech Expo vendors, and VISION 2019 sponsors are eligible to reserve banner space on the VISION 2018 website and within the VISION program app. They are available only through special advertising and sponsor packages. For more information contact Tom Minich (607-264-9069 or or Jim Waterhouse (703-683-9332 or

ACTE Membership and Pre and Post VISION 2019 E-blasts

We offer a limited number of E-blasting opportunities to the pre and post VISION attendee list and to ACTE membership. For more information contact Tom Minich (607-264-9069 or


Postal Mailing Lists

Pre and post VISION and ACTE membership postal mailing lists can be purchased from Infocus Marketing, Inc. (800.708.5478 or

Optimize Your Exposure

VISION Full-Page Advertising Package $18,500

Eight Techniques issues + One 1-Page Advertorial + VISION website + VISION app banner

Eight times a year all 25,000 ACTE members receive Techniques Magazine. Your full-page advertisement will be included in eight consecutive issues. You can also provide a one-page advertorial in a predetermined issue. You will have a 250 pixel wide by 125 high banner on the VISION website. You will have a banner in the VISION program app.

  • 23,000 x 8 Techniques issue
  • 23,000 x 1 advertorial
  • 40,694 unique viewers (VISION 2016 site)
  • 3,843 downloads (VISION 2016 program app) 

VISION Half-Page Advertising Package $10,000

Eight Techniques issues + VISION website

Not ready for a full-page commitment? Start out with half-page horizontal advertisement in eight consecutive Techniques issues. Plus have a 250 pixel wide by 125 high banner on the VISION website.

For more information contact Tom Minich (607-264-9069 or or Jim Waterhouse (703-683-9332 or

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